Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome To the Official National Swinging Association's Forum

Welcome to the NSA's official news site where my collegues and I who are members of an elite swinging foundation will be posting news having to do with the Elite Swingers Group (ESG) and tricks that are currently being invented within the NSA and ESG. We wil also be posting pictures and links for swinging and other stunt videos that have been created within the NSA and other groups. Instructions for certain tricks, including instructional videos, will also be posted on this forum.

Note: This is a very dangerous sport and groups having to do with the NSA and ESG are not held responsible for any injuries relating to people trying to do tricks on swings who are not professionally trained by the NSA's teaching branch. I will reapeat it once more, THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS SPORT SO DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY EXTREME TRICKS ON A SWING UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED BY THE NSA'S TEACHING BRANCH IN CALIFORNIA. My collegues and I hope you will enjoy what we will be posting here on the web for the very first time.Warning: Any n00bs or posers who visit this sight may suffer from an extreme case of WOAH sickness.

Note: Pictures are to be read from bottom to top and from right to left.

-SG, Head of NSA and ESG publication services

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Seth said...

Welcome to the NSA's Blog and Forum. Here you can post questions, comments, links,or information for us. Please no un-needed overusage of swear words. And try not to make your posts too long. We will try to get to you as soon as possible. Thank You, and Enjoy!