Monday, July 30, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swingflips 4 Trailer

The trailer for one of the biggest swingflip movies of the year.
Update: Posted on a websited of "Best Movie and Game Trailers"!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

News - 4/30

  • In recent weeks the Reverse Dive Frontflip and Devil Dive were landed.
  • We will making some new tutorials due to the increased amount of new flippers.
  • We will also be making one more video before the the break (possibly a Swing Flips Mini).
  • The first Officiall Swing Flips Newsletter was released by Daniel Mahoney (April issue).

Monday, April 09, 2007

April 2007 Newsletter-By Daniel Mahoney

Awsome Trick Competition

For the last few months, the members of the swingflip forum have been sending in there entries for the first full trick competition in the history of swingflips. the forum still dosnt have a huge popularity and so far only three members of the forum have joined the competition. there are certainb guidelines you mut fallow to enter this competition, send in three tricks of your choice, they have to be landed, no hands can touch the ground. and for voteing we will let the people of the forum vote for the best. all people that entered can not vote for themselves. we hope that this cmpetition turns out to be a good one and that many people enter. for people that still wannna enter you have two more weeks befor the entries are up for voteing on the swingflip forum.


1. Post links to on
youtube videos of junior and sometimes ok
flipers to get them into the sport. also post
links to blogs like

2. give interesting information about the sport to your friends
and try and get them into the sport. also get other people from
your comunity into the sport by doing flips at local parks
and other places like that in or around your comunity

3. publicity! post swingflip videos on as many websites as you can find!
there are a motherload of sites that you can post videos on and
more you post your videos on the better! there are a bunch of great
Movie sites out there. youtube, google video, stupid videos and myspace
are just a few good places one might like to post there videos.
another way for swingflip publicity is to send in swingflip pictures to your local
newspaper companys and maby just maby you will make it on the front page!


Dive Frontflip Mania!
This new swing trick has been sweeping the swingflip nation off its feet recently in an amazing act of popularity. The dive frontflip(as shown in the video above) is an amazing trick that combined quick thinking persition landing and excelent timeing. Bruno webster - "not only dose it look cool it feels great to!". what Daniel says is true, the trick sure dose have a great feel and as more and more people learn this trick the more popular it becomes. Daniel Mahoney - "sometimes i find myself going to the swings to flip and doing no other tricks except the dive frontflip". No matter how many people learn and love this trick fads dont last forever. we can olny wounder how long this dive frontflip fad will continue to impress and amaze this great world of swing flipers from australia to north america.

Friday, March 30, 2007

News - 3/26

  • The flair was landed.
  • The devil dive, dive frontflip, and no-handed drop-off are being worked on by members of the ESG.
  • Daniel Mahoney made a new swingflip video called random swingflip tricks, check it out on


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Top 5 Wipeouts

The ESG's Top 5 Wipeouts (on film)

Friday, March 16, 2007

News - 3/12

  • The Reverse Dive Frontflip was landed
  • A new video "Top 5 Wipeouts" will be coming out soon
  • Tricks being worked on: No-handed Reverse Stomach Frontflip, No-handed Drop-off (No-handed El Inferno).
  • El Infernos becoming Very popular in the swing flip community (NSA and BFM)
  • Stupid Swing Stunts 3 was released (see previous post)

- Seth, AHPS

stupid swing stunts 3

The 3rd video in culapou's (Luca's) Stupid Swing Stunts Series.